Books on Mid-Century Modernism

Mid-Century Modern General:

Mid-Century Modern Complete (2014) – Dominic Bradbury

Mid-Century Modern: Interiors, Furniture, Design Details (2006) – Bradley Quinn

Mid-Century Modern Women in the Visual Arts (2016) – Ellen Surrey

100 Midcentury Chairs and Their Stories (2017) – Lucy Ryder Richardson

Mid-Century Modern Worldwide:

Scandinavian Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Designers (2016) – Elizabeth Wilhide

Mid-Century Modern in the U.S.:

Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern (2010) – Dolly Faibyshev

Julius Shulman: Chicago Mid-Century Modernism (2010) – Gary Gand, Stanley Tigerman (Contributor), Julius Shulman (Photographer), Juergen Nogal (Photographer)

Cape Cod Modern: Mid-Century Architecture and Community on the Outer Cape (2014) – Peter McMahon, Christine Cipriani, Kenneth Frampton (Foreword)

Harvard Five in New Canaan (2006) – William D. Earls

Mid-Century Modern Glass in America – Dean Six, as told by Paul Eastwood

Mid-Century West Coast Canada:

A Modern Life: Art and Design in British Columbia 1945-1960 – Edited by Ian Thom and Alan Elder

“The Rise and Fall of West Coast Modernism in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia.” Donald Luxton – Association for Preservation Technology International (APT). APT Bulletin Vol. 31, No. 2/3. January 2000.

Modern Architecture, Michael J. McMordie – The Canadian Architect, March 1984.

West Coast Residential: The Modern and the Contemporary – Greg Bellerby

Selwyn Pullan: Photographing Mid-Century West Coast Modernism (2012) – Kiriko Watanabe, Adele Weder, Donald Luxton, Barry Downs

Mid-Century Modern Magazines:

CA-Modern Magazine – Quarterly publication from the Eichler Network